Selling Your House For Cash: How To Work With A Local Homebuyer

Selling Your House For Cash: How To Work With A Local Homebuyer

Selling your house for cash to a local homebuyer can offer many benefits over a traditional real estate sale. There are several reasons why you might want to sell to a local cash homebuyer such as a house that needs too many repairs to just wanting to sell the house fast. In this article, we will discuss why you might work with a local cash investor to sell your house and explain how the process of selling to an investor works.


Why You Might Want To Sell To A Homebuyer

Your House Needs Repairs

One common reason why homeowners sell their property to a local homebuyer for cash is that the house needs too many repairs. If your house needs significant repairs, then it might not be able to sell on the traditional real estate market. Homebuyers who purchase houses for cash buy houses without inspections or requesting repairs. They will buy the house in as-is condition.


You Inherited A House and Want to Sell

If you have recently inherited a property, you might want to sell the house for cash to a local homebuyer. You might not live in the area of the inherited property and don’t want to deal with being a landlord. Also, you might not have the time or money to put into repairing the property before selling.


You Need To Sell Your House Quickly

Another reason why you might want to sell your house for cash to a local homebuyer is that you need to sell your property quickly. Maybe you have already moved into a new home and are paying two mortgage payments. Maybe you are going through a divorce and need to sell the house fast. No matter what your reason is, selling to a local investor will allow you to close the transaction quickly.


You Are Facing Foreclosure

If you are facing foreclosure, then selling your house to a cash homebuyer is often the best option. You will be able to sell your property fast and get the money you need to pay off your mortgage. This will allow you to avoid having a foreclosure on your credit report. Many local investors will have several options at their disposal to help you avoid foreclosure.

What to Expect When Selling Your House For Cash to an Investor

The Homebuyer Will Visit Your House For a Walkthrough

The first step in selling your house for cash to an investor is having a walkthrough of your property. The homebuyer will come to your house and take a look around. They will ask questions about the condition of the house and what repairs are needed.


The Investor Will Make You An All Cash Offer

The homebuyer will make you an all-cash offer for your property. The amount of the offer will be based on the condition of your house, the repairs that are needed, and the current market value of homes in your area. Most companies that advertise “we buy houses” will also pay all of your closing costs.


You Should Be Able to Choose Your Closing Date

When you sell your house for cash to a local homebuyer, you should be able to choose your closing date. This is different than a traditional real estate sale where the buyer chooses the closing date. You might need some time to move out of your house or have someone help you with repairs before selling. Local investors are typically very flexible with the closing date because they aren’t actually moving in to the property.


The Homebuyer Will Take Care of All The Paperwork and Make the Process Easy

When you sell your house for cash to an investor, they will take care of all the paperwork. You won’t have to worry about filling out mountains of paperwork or dealing with the hassle of a traditional real estate sale. The homebuyer will make the process easy for you so that you can focus on moving on with your life.  Even if the house you are trying to sell is an inherited home, a proficient home buyer will be able to simplify the process.

You Shouldn't Have To Pay Closing Costs or Commissions

When you sell your house for cash to a local homebuyer, you shouldn’t have to pay any closing costs or commissions. The homebuyer will take care of all of the fees associated with the sale. This includes the appraisal, title search, and transfer taxes. You will walk away from the closing table with cash in hand.


You Will Be Given Time to Move Out of Your House

When you sell your house for cash to a local homebuyer, you will be given time to move out of your property. Most companies that buy houses will give you 30 days to move out. This is plenty of time to find a new place to live and get all of your belongings moved. Sometimes they will even temporarily lease the house back to you.


How To Make Sure You Get A Fair Cash Offer

Take The Time To Look At Houses For Sale Around Yours

The first step in making sure you get a fair cash offer is to look at houses for sale around yours. This will give you an idea of what comparable properties are selling for in your area. You can use sites like Zillow or Trulia to find recent sales data for houses in your area.


Be Realistic About What Repairs Your House Needs

The next step is to be realistic about what repairs your house needs. Many people try to underestimate the cost of repairs in order to get a higher offer from the homebuyer. However, this will only end up setting you up for disappointment. Be honest about the condition of your property and what repairs are actually


Understand The Value of Selling Your House As-Is

Finally, it’s important to understand the value of selling your house as-is. Many people think that they need to make repairs in order to get a fair price for their property. However, this isn’t always the case. In some situations, it’s actually better to sell your house as-is. This is benefit can save you time and money in the long run.

Make Sure You Feel Comfortable With the Homebuyer

The last step in making sure you get a fair cash offer is to make sure you feel comfortable with the homebuyer. This means that you should take the time to interview different companies that buy houses. Ask them about their process and what they will do to make sure you get a fair price for your property. Make sure you trust the homebuyer before you sign any contracts.


Get More Than One Offer if You Aren't Sure You Can Trust The Homebuyer

If you aren’t sure you can trust the homebuyer, it’s always a good idea to get more than one offer. This will give you a chance to compare different companies and see who is offering the best price for your house. It’s also a good way to make sure you are getting a fair deal. Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Just because you are selling your house for cash doesn’t mean that you can’t negotiate.


Know That Your Transaction Isn't Subject To Bank Approvals or Appraisals

When you sell your house for cash to a local homebuyer, you don’t have to worry about bank approvals or appraisals. This means that the sale of your property will be much faster than a traditional real estate sale. You can expect to close on your house in as little as two weeks.

Get A Cash Offer From Capstone Homebuyers

You may be wondering, “who can I trust to buy my house?” 

You may have heard of some shady companies that promise to buy your house fast for cash, but then never follow through. You don’t want to deal with any hassles or scams. 

Capstone Homebuyers is a reputable, trusted company that buys houses for cash. We have great reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau. When you work with us, you can be sure that you’re getting the best service possible.

Cash For Houses In San Antonio – Not All Buyers Are The Same

Selling your house fast for cash in San Antonio can be an easy process if you work with the right “cash for houses” company.  The hard part is knowing which local San Antonio real estate investor you can trust when it’s time to sell your house.  You don’t want to leave the sale of your home up to chance, especially if you are hoping to sell quickly.   


Making sure that the sale is going to happen the way you expect is very important.  You don’t want to be blindsided at or close to the closing date with a failed escrow or a last-minute price reduction.  If you work with the wrong real estate investor, these things can happen.  


Most investors have great intentions, however, if you are deciding who to work with, you should take the time to find the type of investor who always follows through and has the track record to prove it. 

How Can You Make Sure You Sell To The Right Investor?

Don’t worry, there are a few things you can do to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate home buyer in San Antonio. 

1. Verify The Home Buyer Who Are Thinking About Selling Your House To Is The Actual Direct Buyer.

What this means is that person or their company is actually going to be the buyer of your home.  Believe it or not, there are people and companies who are just middlemen in real estate transactions.  They will often pose as the buyer when really, all they are going to do is attempt to sell your home to an actual direct buyer for a higher price.  


If you work with the end-buyer directly, you will likely get that higher price!  No need for the middleman!  This is probably the one tip that will make sure you get the most possible when selling your house for cash. 

2. Check The Cash Homebuyer’s Online Reviews

Checking online reviews is something we do frequently in other areas of our lives.  Making sure the homebuyer has actual reviews from real people who have actually sold their house to the home buyer is the first step.  Google reviews, Facebook reviews, BBB reviews are the first ones to check.  If the investor has video testimonials on their website that seem credible, that is a bonus and likely means they are going to treat you well.  After all, if they were using bad business practices, they wouldn’t be able to get people to leave great reviews at the closing table right?

3. Check The Better Business Bureau


Check the Better Business Bureau to see if they are A-plus rated.  The first place someone goes if they have a problem with a company is the BBB.  If a company isn’t A-Plus rated by the BBB, it could mean there have been complaints that have caused them to lose their BBB status.  Also, there can be valuable reviews on the BBB and those reviews are verified by the BBB so they cannot be falsified or altered. 

BBB Rated Home Buyer

4. Verify Proof Of Funds

Verifying proof of funds can be slightly uncomfortable for some people because they feel like it is a sign of distrust.  We say trust but verify.  A legitimate San Antonio home buyer should have no problem producing proof of funds.  These should be funds in a bank account in their name that demonstrates they have the ability to buy your house and hopefully, the ability to buy multiple houses.  This won’t offend the investor and is easily done if the investor really does have access to the funds required to buy your house.

Verified Cash Buyer

5. Has The Home Buyer Kept Their Word Throughout The Process

Does the investor show up to their appointment on time?  Did they call you back when they said they would?  Did they bring the forms they mentioned they would bring over the phone? These may seem like small things, but small things can often point to trends and habits with the bigger things.  If someone isn’t diligent about keeping their word on the easy things, they may not be diligent about keeping their word on the big things.  While this isn’t the end all be all, it can be an indicator that might be cause for pause. 

6. Make Sure The Cash Buyer Is Using The Proper Paperwork

Making sure the investor has the proper paperwork can be difficult for someone who isn’t trained in real estate or who doesn’t work in the real estate business.  The easiest way to know if someone is using the proper paperwork is to ask if they are using the standard TREC forms.  TREC stands for Texas Real Estate Commission and TREC has standard forms that are designed to be used by Realtors and other real estate professionals.  If someone hopes to buy your house using a one-page contract when the TREC contract is 10 pages, that might be cause for concern and a sign that the investor isn’t a true professional. 

7. Ask For A Title Company Reference

Ask the investor who their preferred title company is.  Then call the title company to verify they have a business relationship with that investor.  This is a great indicator that the investor regularly buys and sells real estate.  Our preferred title company knows us well and loves doing business with us.  They are happy to share great experiences with anyone who calls.  Other title companies should be willing to do the same for other investors. 

8. Does The Homebuyer Appear Professional?

Professional appearance does matter.  If someone doesn’t treat buying your house with professionalism, you may not get professional results.  Of course, there can be exceptions to this rule and we all know that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.  This is the reason this topic is last on our list.  There can be some merit to someone treating you with professionalism and it can be an indicator of future treatment.  Keep this in mind and go with your gut on this one. 

Connect With A Top Cash House Buyer In San Antonio

Selling your San Antonio house to a “cash for houses” company can be easy and smooth.  Once you have verified you are in fact working with a legitimate cash buyer by using our tips above, you will likely have an enjoyable home selling process.  If for any reason, you are having trouble with a home buyer who isn’t following through, see about tips on what to do next. To work with Capstone Homebuyers and have a guaranteed closing on the date you choose, give us a call or fill out a form and we will wow you with customer service and professionalism.