How Can I Sell My House Cash In San Antonio?

We pay cash for houses in San Antonio and we make it easy too!

When we can remove all the obstacles to selling a house quickly we can get you a great offer.  Without any banks, real estate agents, inspections, or anything else bogging down the process, we can get you cash for your house in San Antonio and we can do it lightning fast!  This is how we do it:

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We come out to the house in-person to see the property, answer your questions, and present your free, fair, all-cash offer.


Company That Buys Homes San Antonio

You choose the closing date, and we close at the local title company where you pick up your cash and say goodbye to your property.

Simple and Straightforward.  The EASY way to sell your house.


Those Steps Are Easy, But There’s A Little More Right?

Well actually yes, and we are glad you asked! When you sell your house for cash in San Antonio, it is wise to know and understand your options. Below you will find information that will help you make an informed decision. You will learn our process is transparent and simple. You will understand if selling your San Antonio house fast for cash is the right choice for you!





“I Want To Sell My House Cash in San Antonio TX”

And I Want A Fair Price Too!

We know what you are thinking… “if I sell my house fast in San Antonio” I am going to get a low, bottom of the barrel offer from these people who buy houses in San Antonio. These guys say they give fair offers, fast offers within 24 hours, and some San Antonio home investor companies say they even give offers without even seeing the house in person.

That’s Not Us!

Companies that take this approach are not working to give you their highest or best offer.  They get you to sign a binding contract based on their “sight-unseen” offer and then use an inspection report and other contractors to nickel and dime you to a much lower price.  All the while they have you locked into a contract unable to get a great cash offer for your house. Never Get In That Situation!

Our Rule When We Buy San Antonio Homes…

NEVER NEVER NEVER Give a LowBall Offer!

We ALWAYS Offer The Most Money Possible For Your Property!

We understand that there are those people out there who try to offer the lowest of the low.  They think they will make more money at your expense.  That makes absolutely no sense to us!  We believe that for us to buy houses, you have to accept our offer.  For you to accept our offer, we have to give you a great offer!  We do not want to spend all this money and time doing property research, driving all over San Antonio to look at houses only to make cash offers that will never get accepted.  That would all be for nothing.  Keep in mind, Our Services Are Always 100% FREE Of Charge!

Having Said That,

We can keep the doors open and the lights on by getting people to accept our offers.  The way our offers get accepted is when people are happy with the offer!   This is why we can buy so many houses and this is also why our clients love us and give us such great reviews!

Our Cash Offer Is Based On Your Home’s “After Repair Value”

All that means is that we determine what the value of your house would be if it had all of the updates and repairs already completed.   Once we have determined what that price would be, we can calculate our all-cash offer to you.

Let’s Look At An Example…

1. Let’s say you have a house to sell similar to the one seen here that We Purchased and Remodeled!

How We Pay Cash For San Antonio Houses


2. Let’s say the person across the street has a house that is similar to yours in size and configuration.  However, the person across the street recently put on a new roof, fixed the foundation, added granite counters, re-did the bathroom and put in all new flooring and paint.

3. Let’s say they sold that house across the street for $200,000

What This Means…

What this means is that we now have the information we need to determine the “after repair value” of the home.  Now we know that if the same or similar updates and repairs were made to your house, it has a strong likelihood of selling for $200,000 as well.


We now understand the “after repair value” of your house is $200,000 (for this example).  Additionally, we have a good idea of the repairs and updates that will be needed and what those will cost.

Armed with this information, we can now make you an all-cash offer that is acceptable for us.  If our all-cash offer is acceptable for you, Fantastic!  You can now choose the closing date so we can schedule your time to pick up your cash!   We use this example to illustrate that our offers are based on the market conditions, Never on your situation or how desperate you might be to sell.


What This Means To You…A Break Down of Our Offer

We love transparency and as you can tell, we have no problem pulling back the curtain so you can understand how our offers are calculated.  For those of you who love calculators…here we go!


The After Repair Value  (minus) the Cost Of Repairs (minus) Our Sales Costs (minus) The Minimum Profit  = Your Offer Amount

It really is that simple.  There are never any fees for you to pay.  There are never any commissions for you to pay.  We are a business and we do have to make a profit!  This is how we can get you the great offer and pay cash for your San Antonio house.


Now You Are Asking Yourself…How Is Your Offer Going To Be Better?

…We Hoped You Would Ask!

We can offer an improved way of selling by giving you a cash offer without any costs, fees, or commissions or time “on the market“.  Additionally, we make our all-cash offers based on what your house will be worth when it is fixed up, not what it is actually worth today.


We Lower Our Costs And Pass The Savings To You!

Cash For Houses San Antonio

We can keep the cost of repairs lower than most of our competitors.   As you can see, we keep most of our work in-house.  By keeping our repair costs down, we pass those additional savings on to you which gets you even more cash for your San Antonio house!  Pictured to the right is a house we purchased with cash and remodeled in the Tobin Hill Historic neighborhood in San Antonio Texas.







Cash For San Antonio Properties

How do we keep the costs down you might wonder?

Well, we try to do most of the work ourselves and with our in-house crew instead of bringing expensive general contractors.   Our years of experience help us in knowing which repairs to do and how to properly complete the repairs within the budget.  We aren’t always perfect with our budgets but we really try!   The better we get, the more savings we can pass on to you…and… We love saving money and passing it on to you!






Our Passion Is For The People Of San Antonio, Texas!

This is why we are committed to giving you a great offer that is higher than our competitors.  If we do this, we think we will buy more houses.  The more houses we can buy, the more people we can help and the more people we can help, the more good we can do in our community.


Get Your Fair Offer TODAY!

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION! We pay CASH and you will never pay any commissions, agents, or fees. Find out Your Free Cash Offer Today!
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Take this house pictured below.  The seller accepted our cash offer.  They were looking for a quick sale, didn’t want to hassle with agents, and didn’t want to pay any fees or commissions.  Take a look at the Google Review from Julie.  

Cash For Homes San Antonio“I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone needing to sell their house. Colby was very professional and very patient with me throughout the whole process. I commented a few times that it seemed just too easy because it really was. He said he would help me and that’s exactly what he did!! Thank you, Colby and everyone at Capstone.”

-Julie Gray, San Antonio TX




Our Clients Love What We Do

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Solving The Question How To Sell My Home Cash In San Antonio

At Capstone Homebuyers “We Buy Houses In San Antonio” buys houses in San Antonio TX.  We are Cash House Buyers in San Antonio.  We offer an improved way to sell your house fast as a great alternative to the traditional way of selling your house.  With Capstone Homebuyers, there are no fees or commissions.  Because we pay cash for your house, there are no bank appraisals, fees, time restrictions, and we can close on the date of your choice.  We are ready to close on your house this month.  The only thing we need from you is for you to submit your information in our form.

Capstone Homebuyers places the utmost importance on honesty, trustworthiness, and being upfront.  We are side by side with you throughout the entire process of you selling your house.  From going over how the process works, discussing the timeframe and setting proper expectations, going over all of the paperwork line-by-line, and handling all the paperwork with the title company.  When you need to sell your house fast in San Antonio, Capstone Homebuyers should be your go-to house buying company.  Keep in mind, our services are ALWAYS free to you and you will NEVER pay a commission, fee, or need to clean a house.   Have you had a bad experience with another agent or investor?  Let us be the breath of fresh air you need.  Call us today!