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We pay cash for houses in San Antonio and we make it easy too!

We buy houses and remove all the obstacles.  This means you can sell your house quickly and still get a great offer.  Without any banks, real estate agents, inspections, or anything else slowing the process, we get you cash for your house in San Antonio and we can do it lightning fast!

Here’s How It Works:

Step1 Sell Your House Give Us Some Information about your San Antonio House By Filling out your information

Get Your Fair Offer TODAY!

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION! We pay CASH and you will never pay any commissions, agents, or fees. Find out Your Free Cash Offer Today!
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We come out to the house in-person to see the property, answer your questions, and present your free, fair, all-cash offer.

You choose the closing date, and we close at the local title company where you pick up your cash and say goodbye to your property.

The EASY way to sell your house in San Antonio. Plain and Simple. 

Selling Your San Antonio House Fast to us really is as easy as Step1 Sell Your House But you want a look behind the scenes.  You want to see the nuts and bolts of how our operation actually works.  We completely understand. 

To truly understand how we work, we can use an Actual Capstone Homebuyers Client as an example.

If you want the behind the scene details, let’s take a look at actual clients of Capstone Homebuyers

Julie and Rejean Are The Perfect Example!

Julie and Rajean needed to sell their house quickly.  They didn’t want to hassle with realtors or showings and they didn’t want to pay commissions or fees.  We purchased their home fast for cash.

Capstone Homebuyers Reviews

“We Wanted To Sell Our House For Cash in San Antonio TX”

-Julie and Rejean

Selling a house fast for cash…We know what you are thinking… “if I sell my house fast in San Antonio” I am going to get a low, bottom of the barrel offer from these people who buy houses in San Antonio. These guys say they give fair offers, fast offers within 24 hours, and some San Antonio home investor companies say they even give offers without even seeing the house in person.  That is what Rejean thought too.  Julie convinced him to give us a chance.  They were sure glad they did.

Understand Why We Always Offer The Most Money We Possibly Can For Your House

We Know Lowball Offers Don’t Work

We understand that there are those people out there who try to offer the lowest of the low. They think they will make more money at your expense. That makes absolutely no sense to us! We believe that for us to buy houses, you have to accept our offer. For you to accept our offer, we have to give you a great offer!

We Want You To Accept Our Offer

We do not want to spend all this money and time doing property research, driving all over San Antonio to look at houses only to make cash offers that will never get accepted. That would all be for nothing. We want to buy the houses we see. Keep in mind, Our Services Are Always 100% FREE Of Charge!

How We Determine Our Offer Amount

Our Cash Offer Is Based On The Home’s “After Repair Value”

We paid cash for Julie and Rejean’s house.  To do that, we determined what the value of their house would be if it had all of the updates and repairs already completed.

We subtracted all of our expenses for making the repairs

And Gave Our Absolute Best All Cash Offer. No Fees. No Commissions. 100% Guaranteed. And they accepted!

We buy houses with Great Offers. So how exactly does the offer process work?

Step1 Sell Your HouseWe come out to the property in person.

We believe the only way to give a gauranteed offer is by seeing the property before the offer is made.

We buy houses using only contracts approved by TREC (the Texas Real Estate Commission)

Using TREC approved paperwork is the best way to make sure everyone is comfortable with the purchase process. These aren’t simplistic forms created by our lawyers. See an example here. We take the time to go over this paperwork page by page and paragraph by paragraph so that you know exactly how you are selling your house.

You choose the closing date

This is the date where we finalize the sale of the property at the title company. This is the day you collect your money!!

Next…Don’t Clean A Thing! Take What You Want And Leave The Rest!

Julie and Rejean didn’t have to clean. Neither do you.

Selling A House As Is San Antonio

Sell Your House As Is. Don’t Clean A Thing

What happens at the closing table? See how easy it really is…

Step1 Sell Your HouseReview the final numbers a day or two before closing. We will make sure the title company provides these to you in enough time to make any corrections if necessary.

Attend the closing at the title company office or we can make arrangements for them to come to your location. One of our representatives will be present as well to make sure everything is perfect for you.

Sign the final paperwork and collect your cash! Your funds from the sale can be wired directly into your bank account from the title company or the title company can give you a check. It’s really that easy!

Solved: How To Sell My Home Cash In San Antonio

Capstone Homebuyers places the utmost importance on honesty, trustworthiness, and being upfront. We are side by side with you throughout the entire process of you selling your house. From going over how the process works, discussing the timeframe and setting proper expectations, going over all of the paperwork line-by-line, and handling all the paperwork with the title company. When you need to sell your house fast in San Antonio, Capstone Homebuyers should be your go-to house buying company. Keep in mind, our services are ALWAYS free to you and you will NEVER pay a commission, fee, or need to clean a house. Have you had a bad experience with another agent or investor? Let us be the breath of fresh air you need. Call us today!

We Buy Houses In San Antonio and We pay cash for houses. We offer an improved way to sell your house fast as a great alternative to the traditional way of selling your house. With Capstone Homebuyers, there are no fees or commissions. Because we pay cash for your house, there are no bank appraisals, fees, time restrictions, and we can close on the date of your choice. We are ready to close on your house this month. The only thing we need from you is for you to submit your information in our form.