Back Property Taxes: The San Antonio Homeowner’s Guide To Selling

Many homeowners across San Antonio have unpaid property tax balances.  This can cause worry and concern especially if or when the homeowner is considering selling the house with delinquent taxes.  Whether the delinquent property taxes are due to financial hardship, miscalculations, or simple oversight, getting behind on property tax payments can cause stress and can lead to penalties, fees, and the risk of facing property tax foreclosure. 


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The True Cost of Renovations vs. Selling As-Is in San Antonio: A Comparative Analysis
cost of home renovations in san antoniocost of home renovations in san antonio

Thinking of selling your house but it needs some repairs?  Once you’ve lived in a house for several years or maybe you inherited a fixer-upper, whatever the case, if you’ve decided to sell you’re likely asking yourself this question: to renovate or to sell as-is? 

As property values fluctuate and buyer preferences evolve, understanding the true cost implications of renovations versus selling a home in its current state in San Antonio is key. This decision not only affects how much money you can make from the sale but also determines how quickly a property might sell in the current real estate market.

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5 Pro Tips When Considering Selling Your Home to an Investor
selling your house to an investorselling your house to an investor

Selling a property to a real estate investor is something more and more homeowners are considering in today’s rapidly changing real estate market.  Whether it’s to bypass traditional sales routes or to secure a quicker sale, understanding the intricacies of this process becomes paramount. 

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Is It Hard To Sell A House With Foundation Problems?
happy people selling a house without making foundation repairshappy people selling a house without making foundation repairs

Selling a house that needs foundation repair or has foundation problems can be a challenging but common problem in San Antonio. Houses that have foundation problems often exhibit signs in other areas of the house.

Issues like sheetrock damage windows that won’t open or close properly doors that are stuck cracked or broken tiles on the floor or shower walls can all be issues that stem from a foundation problem. Another telltale sign of foundation issues in a house is a floor that feels sloped or slanted. When foundation issues are present, selling a house can be made can be more difficult.

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Selling A House in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

While many people use chapter 13 bankruptcy to save their house and avoid foreclosure, the reality is that sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you need to sell your house after you’ve filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.


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