Best Time of Year to Sell a House in San Antonio

Did you know that home sales in the San Antonio area surged in early 2024? With nearly 8,000 homes sold in Bexar and surrounding counties in the first three months, sales were up 8% from the previous year. Of course, not every quarter of the year is equal when it comes to selling your home.


In this blog post, we are going to take a closer look at the best time to sell a house in San Antonio, seasonal trends, factors to consider when choosing the right time to sell your home, and tips for getting the best value regardless of the season.


We’ll also highlight why selling with Capstone Homebuyers is your best option here in San Antonio. Let’s get started with the best month to sell a house in San Antonio.

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Understanding the San Antonio Real Estate Market

So far in 2024, the San Antonio real estate market has shown resilience despite high mortgage rates. As noted above, in the first quarter of 2024, buyers in Bexar and surrounding counties closed on 7,948 homes.


This uptick occurred even as 30-year fixed mortgage rates hovered in the mid-6% range, a slight dip from the previous year’s highs. The median sale price in the area fell by 3% to $300,000, making homes more affordable for buyers.


Several factors influence San Antonio property sales, including economic conditions, population growth, and seasonal trends. Understanding these factors can help you determine the best time to sell your house.

Seasonal Trends in San Antonio Home Sales

When deciding the best time to sell your house in San Antonio, it’s important to understand the seasonal trends in the local real estate market. Each season presents unique opportunities and challenges that can impact your selling strategy and success.

Selling in Spring

Spring is a popular time to sell in San Antonio due to warmer weather and blooming landscapes. Families aim to move before the new school year, increasing buyer activity, though competition among sellers is also high, making it crucial to have a standout property.

Selling in Summer

Summer continues the high buyer activity with long days and school vacations. However, extreme heat can deter some buyers, and vacation season may slow the market slightly. Sellers face less competition but might experience a more prolonged selling process.

Fall Home Sales

Fall attracts serious buyers wanting to close deals before the holidays. The market slows down as the season progresses, reducing competition but also the pool of potential buyers. Sellers benefit from motivated buyers but must act quickly.

Selling a Home in Winter

Winter is the slowest season, with fewer buyers due to the holidays and cooler weather. However, those searching are typically serious and need to relocate quickly. Less competition can help your property stand out, though longer listing times are common.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Time to Sell

what time of year should I sell my house

When choosing the optimal time to sell a house in San Antonio, several factors come into play. Market demand and competition are crucial; selling during peak seasons can mean more buyers but also more competition from other sellers.


Weather conditions also matter, as pleasant weather attracts more buyers and makes moving easier. The school calendar is another key factor; families prefer to move during summer to avoid disrupting the school year.


Additionally, economic conditions and interest rates can influence buyer behavior. Lower interest rates typically increase buyer affordability, potentially speeding up your sale and fetching a better price.

Tips for Selling Your House in San Antonio Regardless of the Season

Selling your house in San Antonio requires careful planning and execution, regardless of the season, and there are some handy San Antonio home selling tips to consider. Firstly, ensure your home is in top condition. Take time to clean and declutter your space, make any necessary repairs, and consider staging to showcase its best features.


Effective marketing is essential. Use high-quality photos and write compelling descriptions to attract potential buyers. You can also utilize online platforms and social media to maximize exposure.


Also, consider making seasonal enhancements to your home’s presentation. In spring and summer, focus on curb appeal with well-maintained landscaping, while in fall and winter, create a cozy atmosphere with warm lighting and tasteful decor.


Lastly, be flexible and patient throughout the process. Selling a home can take time, so be prepared to adjust your strategy as needed and remain open to feedback from prospective buyers. With careful planning and the right approach, you can successfully sell your house in San Antonio

Why Sell with Capstone Homebuyers?

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Let’s explore why selling with Capstone Homebuyers is the ideal choice for some San Antonio homeowners. With our local expertise and hassle-free service, you’ll receive fair cash offers, flexible closing dates, and personalized attention, ensuring a seamless selling process.

Local Expertise

Capstone Homebuyers has a deep understanding of the San Antonio market. Our team is familiar with San Antonio housing trends and knows how to navigate the seasonal fluctuations to get the best results for sellers.

Personalized Service

Unlike national corporate buyers, Capstone Homebuyers offers personalized, hassle-free service. We focus on the individual needs of each seller, ensuring a smooth and stress-free selling experience.

Quick and Fair Offers

With Capstone Homebuyers, you can receive a fair cash offer quickly. There’s no need for repairs or cleaning, which can save you time and money. We also don’t charge any fees or commissions and we pay all closing costs.

Flexibility and Convenience

Capstone Homebuyers offers flexibility in choosing your closing date and provides the convenience of dealing with a local buyer who understands the unique needs of San Antonio homeowners.

Best time to Sell a House in San Antonio

To sum up, determining when to sell a house in San Antonio is an important consideration. Generally speaking, both spring and summer are typically regarded as the best time to sell a house in San Antonio, though there are advantages to selling in fall and winter as well.

Regardless of when you choose to sell, Capstone Homebuyers can guide you through the process, ensuring a quick and efficient sale. Contact Capstone Homebuyers today for a consultation and take the first step towards selling your home with confidence.

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