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Selling A Rented Property in San Antonio

Selling a rented property or investment property is a bit more complicated of a matter than you may initially assume. While it can be done, you likely have a lot of questions about the matter and how to go about it in the best way possible and do so legally. Both the landlord and tenants have rights and options that must be reviewed and weighed.

What you want to avoid is any legal troubles or not making the right choice in the end. You must educate yourself on the matter and understand what choices you have when it comes to selling your rented property.

When selling a property with tenants already in it, the situation becomes even more complicated and you must review the rental agreement. Here you can learn more about selling rental property with tenants and all the ins and outs of what it will entail and require from you.


How Capstone Homebuyers Can Help

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Owning & Selling Rental Property

When you own rental property there may come a time when you want to ask yourself, should I sell my property with tenants living in it? Legally, you can choose to sell your rental property with tenants in it but the question that remains is should you do so?

The truth is that there are a few benefits of having tenants in your property when you want to sell it. For example, it’s staged and looks nice and it’s attractive to real estate investors. On the other hand, the drawbacks include that tenants can make showings more difficult and they can also be a financial risk.


Selling Property & the Lease

Selling a traditional and unoccupied rental property is mostly straightforward. All you must do is stage it and landscape it, put it on the market, and then wait for the offers to come in. However, with a tenant-occupied property, the entire process becomes a bit more complex. For instance, if there’s a month-to-month lease in place then you would need to give your tenants written notice, tell them to move all their belongings out by the last day, and start the eviction process if they fail to move out by the deadline.

Selling Rented Property with Tenants

You have options and ways to sell a rental property with tenants in it. You can either wait for the lease to expire or plan to sell your property while the tenants are still present. Both options have drawbacks and benefits. The reality is that it can be challenging when tenants are living in the property and can make or break your sale. It’ll require careful planning and communication on your part and you might even have to make some compromises.

Tips For Selling A Rental House

Selling your rented property or home can many times be stressful and complicated. You need to work with a homebuyer you can trust. Therefore, consider calling Capstone Homebuyers.  We have worked hard to earn the trust of our clients and have successfully sold homes for cash over the years.

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Eviction Process in San Antonio For Bad Tenants

You might be facing a situation with bad tenants that need to be evicted.  We’ve heard all the horror stories.  It might be they simply never pay the rent on time or haven’t paid rent in the last few months.  

Bad tenants can result in the following issues: 

You Can Avoid Going Through The Eviction Process Altogether

What if you could sell to someone who was an expert on evictions in San Antonio?  We can alleviate the stress of the eviction process burden.  

Your Options For Selling A Rented Property

Here are your options when it comes to selling a property that’s rented:

Options For Selling My Rental Property

Wait for the lease to expire

Your tenants have a right to stay through the end of the lease if they are paying rent and following the lease rules. Waiting for the lease to expire gives you time for updates and can alleviate timing issues with closing. On the other hand, you’ll be responsible for the full mortgage carrying costs each month without tenants. Waiting until the house is vacant is always a good option.

Pay your tenant to leave

If your tenants are on a fixed-term lease then they may be open to you paying them to move. Decide on a figure that covers moving costs, rent difference, the security deposit, and give them a cash offer they can’t refuse. However, keep in mind that there are some circumstances where you could be handing over more money than you desire in the end.

If the tenant is disagreeable, behind on rent, or is keeping the house in disrepair, you may especially consider this option as a way to save the house from further damage.  Tenants who have unauthorized pets pose a risk of leaving you with a house with animal odors that you will have to deal with.  We see this situation frequently.

Sell to your tenant

Consider selling to your tenant if you know they love your home with a lease-to-own agreement. It would likely be a fast and painless sale. The upside is that no one has to move but they may default on the loan or request expensive repairs and updates.

Sell with an active lease

You might want to sell to your tenant if you know they love your home with a lease-to-own agreement. It would likely be a fast and painless sale. The upside is that no one has to move but they may default on the loan or request expensive repairs and updates.

Sell to a local cash homebuyer

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Selling My House With Bad Tenants

Understanding A Tenant’s Lease & it's Importance

When selling rented property with tenants it’s important to understand the lease and their rights. Therefore, always take time to review the lease in detail or have an experienced professional do so with you. There may be a 30 or 60-day notice clause in a month-to-month lease, for example. However, with a long-term lease, it may not be able to be canceled without good cause.

What You Can Do as A Landlord

As far as tenant’s rights, get familiar with what these are and make sure you’re giving them proper notice to vacate and that you’re operating in accordance with the law. Always adhere to the legalities in the area and work with the right type of buyer to avoid issues. If you speak to your tenants then you may be able to work together to come up with a solution that works well for all. 

Tenants Rights

As a landlord and property owner, you must give your tenants enough notice and comply with the laws if you want them to leave your house. You must also add a clause to the lease to give a tenant the chance to cancel the lease earlier if they desire.


Selling your property with a tenant living there can appear hard to do but if you follow the law and select the correct buyer then the process might go quite smoothly with little to no disturbance on anyone.

Best Practices Regarding Tenants Rights and Selling Your Rental

You need to ensure that you’re following the laws and aren’t taking actions that can be held against you. Treat it as you would any type of legal transaction and inform yourself of all the regulations and guidelines for ensuring a smooth process and sale.


The lease agreement is meant to protect the people living at your property and make sure that landlords aren’t overstepping their boundaries. Be respectful and communicate openly and honestly so that you two can come to a resolution that will be suitable for all of you.

Be Proactive When Selling

Don’t wait until the last minute to notify the tenants that you’re selling and will be showing the place. Give them ample time to digest this information and prepare for the sale of a rented property. Doing so will make the process and experience much more positive and smooth for everyone involved.

Advice for Selling A Rented Property with Tenants

There are some tips and key points to keep in mind as you try to sell a rented property with tenants. Remind yourself that communication is essential to have a smooth sale. You want to avoid unexpected surprises or unpleasant events at all costs.

How To Sell A Rented House

Know the law

Every state has different laws as it pertains to tenant’s rights. Get familiar with the local laws and regulations so you can ensure you’re following them.

Be upfront and honest about selling

Meet with your tenants when you decide to sell and be fully transparent with them. Talk about how it’ll impact their lives and your intentions and timeline. Let them ask questions and address them head-on. Explain the process and your wishes to minimize any disruptions to their living situation and lives.

Make showings convenient and easy on the tenant

Give your tenants at least 24 hours’ notice before a showing. Respect their schedule and don’t show the property when it isn’t a good time for them. Ask them for preferred dates and times so you can respect their privacy. You must provide advance notice before entering the property. Avoid putting a sign in the yard so people don’t show up and knock on the door. Also, ask your tenants to be out of the house while you’re showing it.

Make property maintenance easy on the tenant

Once you decide that you’re selling the property then make upkeep easy for your tenants. For instance, you may want to hire a landscaping or cleaning service while it’s on the market. It’ll be nice for them and you’ll know that the property will look its best.

Help the tenant find a new place to live

 If the situation calls for it, then you may want to help your tenant find a new rental. If you own other properties and they’ve been good tenants then you may want to notify them of any that are available. The last thing you want as a landlord is to have a house sitting vacant and all the issues that come with that.

Confirm the tenant is caught up with rent

You don’t want a delinquent tenant who isn’t paying rent when you’re trying to sell. Get the tenant to pay the rent right away or consider either court or eviction actions.  Find out more specific information about selling a house with tenants who aren’t paying by clicking here

Communicate post-sale

Communicate with the tenants after the sale is complete. Draft a letter and let them know the deal is done and where to send their next rent payment or introduce the new parties to each other.

Benefits of Selling A Rental Property with Tenants

Another reason you may want to sell a rental house with tenants in it is that there are some benefits that come with doing so. Below are some of the top advantages of selling a rental property with tenants.

Built-in staging

 Buyers will have an easier time picturing themselves living in the property.

Attractive to investors

If someone is looking to buy the home as an investment property then having tenants already living in it is a big selling point.

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Selling a rental property with tenants is possible and maybe your best option.

Tax Deductions & Advantages

You should also know that there are a few tax-advantageous ways to sell a property. Want to sell a property without paying taxes? There comes a time when most real estate investors must sell rented properties. You can use the funds to buy the new property to help you avoid the capital gains taxes on a 1031 exchange or quit the landlord.


Two options are available through the 1031 exchange, which delays payments for short and long-term capital gains taxes. If the investment property is sold then the capital gain tax will depend upon how much you’re earning. The taxation applied is particularly important on the federal scale.

Choosing the Right Partner for the Best Outcome

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In Summary

You now know that it is possible to sell a rental property with tenants in San Antonio, TX, and other areas. You have several different options and ways to go about doing so. Regardless of which you choose, you should always review the lease and know the tenants’ rights. Always give thought to the delivery and message when communicating with your tenants so that you can all walk away happy. Understand all the details of selling your rental property and make sure that you follow the law.

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