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Would You Like To Sell A Vacant House In San Antonio Without Making Repairs?

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Selling A Vacant House As-Is

Vacant houses in San Antonio can be burdensome for the owner. Oftentimes, when a house sits vacant for too long, the house ends up needing repairs. There are many reasons why a house could be sitting vacant for an extended period of time. If you find yourself owning a property that has been vacant, you may want to sell the house as-is rather than making a large number of repairs.

Vacant houses can be the result of tenant eviction, inheriting a house that needs repairs, or even water damage that went unrepaired.  Capstone Homebuyers has seen just about every scenario that leads to needing to sell a vacant house as-is without making repairs. We understand the situation can be difficult and frustrating. The worry, constant yard maintenance, and general upkeep can be time-consuming, exhausting, and financially straining.

Vacant Houses And The City Of San Antonio

Vacant houses must be registered with the city of San Antonio if they are in certain areas. Learn more about the program and see if your house is inside one of the registration zones here. Aside from possibly having to register your property with the city, vacant houses draw attention from code enforcement officers. They will quickly have the house secured and lawn mowed at your expense. They normally charge between $330-$500 just to clean an overgrown yard. Don’t let code costly code violations stack up on the property. When you sell to Capstone Homebuyers, you don’t have to pay the code violations ahead of time.

Are You Up At Night Worrying About These Common Vacant House Concerns?

Sell A Vacant House In San Antonio

• What if someone breaks in or vandalizes the property?
• How often do you need to check on the property?
• Are squatters making my home their home?
• Am I getting Code Violations from the city of San Antonio?
• Do I need to register my vacant house with the city of San Antonio? (Click here to find out)
• How long will the house be empty before it falls into disrepair?
• It just rained…is the roof leaking?

The list can go on and on…these are always some of our top concerns. This is the worry that can consume the owner of an empty house. This can lead to unneeded stress in your life. Trust us, we’ve been there. No matter how many times we get into this situation ourselves, it never gets any easier!

Sell Your Vacant House As-Is Fast For Cash

You can sell your vacant house as-is for cash. We purchase vacant houses across San Antonio and we close fast. If you are tired of the stress and worry of that vacant house always in the back of your mind, reach out to us! We are looking for houses that need that little extra TLC after being empty for a time. If you have a vacant house that needs repairs or has been neglected over time, we are ready to make a cash offer. We are reputable home buyers in San Antonio and have earned that reputation by purchasing houses from people who needed to sell for a fair price. Heck, even if the house is in perfect condition, we are still interested in purchasing the house from you.

Get Your Fair Offer TODAY!

We buy houses in ANY CONDITION! We pay CASH and you will never pay any commissions, agents, or fees. Find out Your Free Cash Offer Today!
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