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Find out everything you need to know about selling a house that has foundation issues.


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Selling a house with foundation problems in San Antonio is an issue faced by many homeowners. Learn how to sell your house even if there are foundation problems. Although most of the time a buyer can’t get a loan to buy a house if there are issues with the foundation, you can still sell your house without repairing the foundation. You can also still get a great, fair offer for your house with foundation problems as well. Keep reading to see more!

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Can You Sell A House With Foundation Problems?

Yes! You can sell your house EVEN WITH foundation problems. You don’t have to come out of pocket with tens of thousands of dollars to fix your foundation if you need to sell your house.


Although it is difficult to get a loan to purchase a home with foundation issues, we offer cash for houses with existing structural or foundation problems. We buy houses with foundation issues regularly and we will make you a no-obligation cash offer if you are in this situation. 


Whether the foundation is a slab foundation or pier and beam, selling your house is easy when you sell to us.

Should You Fix The Foundation Before You Sell?

Fixing a home’s foundation before selling is a question that doesn’t have a single answer. It depends on the owner, the overall condition of the home with issues with the foundation. If the home is sitting on a concrete slab, when you fix the foundation, you will likely replace the flooring as well as repairing any doorjambs, window, and sheetrock damage. Depending on how much the slab needs to be lifted, there can be plumbing damage under the slab as well.

A home with a pier and beam foundation can be repaired without damaging the plumbing or flooring but there can still be repairs to doorjambs, windows, and sheetrock that will need to be addressed. If the house is being listed for sale on the market, all of these repairs will need to take place before the sale.


Additionally, a transferable warranty will likely be required so you will want to make sure you hire a reputable company that will complete the job and provides the warranty. The other option is selling the house as-is. This option requires a cash house buyer who isn’t using a loan to purchase the property. To make sure you get the best offer possible for your San Antonio house, naturally we recommend you give us a call. We will purchase your house for cash and give you top dollar despite the foundation problems.

Can A Buyer Get A Loan If There Are Foundation Problems?

Most of the time, a buyer cannot get a loan if there are foundation problems. Signs of foundation issues are usually present throughout a home. When the inspection and appraisal are completed and notes the foundation problems, this will be a red flag for the lender. Buyers using FHA and VA loans are unable to purchase houses that have existing foundation issues. 


Sometimes a buyer using a conventional loan can buy a home with minor foundation problems as long as they have a large enough down payment. As was mentioned above, selling a house with existing foundation problems that won’t be repaired before the sale is best accomplished by selling to the direct buyer for cash.


Do Foundation Issues Affect The Value Of My Home?

Problems with the foundation of a home can affect its value if you are thinking about selling or refinancing. When a home has issues with the foundation, there will likely be signs of the foundation problems such as cracks in the exterior and/or interior walls, uneven flooring, cracks in the tile, and door frames that are out of square or separating to name a few. These symptoms of a failing foundation will cause a lower home value from a cosmetic standpoint and alert potential buyers and appraisers to the larger problem.


If the foundation has been repaired and the repairs have been completed by a reputable foundation company, then it is possible that your prior foundation problems may not negatively impact the value of the home when you are looking to sell.

Can Selling Your San Antonio House Really Be This Simple?

Capstone Homebuyers places the utmost importance on honesty, trustworthiness, and being upfront. We are side by side with you throughout the entire process of you selling your house.

Who Buys Houses With Foundation Problems?

Cash home buyers are typically buyers who will buy houses with foundation issues. At Capstone Homebuyers, we buy houses with foundation problems in San Antonio. You can sell your foundation problem house to us.

We will give you a fair, no-obligation cash offer. You won’t have to worry about fixing the foundation or any of the issues that happen to a house when you do fix the foundation. We buy houses as-is in San Antonio.

We pay top dollar for houses in San Antonio even if there are issues that need to be addressed with the foundation. There are zero fees and no repairs needed to sell your home to us. Skip the usual stress of home-selling and request your free offer today.

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