51. The Consequences of Unpaid Property Taxes in Alamo Heights TX

We buy houses in Alamo Heights TX and we also offer cash for houses in Alamo Heights Texas. Do you have unpaid property taxes in Alamo Heights TX? If so, the resulting consequences can be very difficult and burdensome to deal with. As homebuyers in Alamo Heights TX, we will help you learn more about what could be at risk and the solutions that may be available to you in this article!

Depending on the location of your home, how big,  and the county’s appraised value of your home, your property taxes can become a huge burden. Once you get behind, the penalties and fees start compounding, which makes it even more difficult for you to get out of the hole you are in.

What Might Happen in Alamo Heights?

The worst-case scenario? You could lose your home. You will likely incur penalties, fines, and interest should someone buy the tax lien on your home. When you fail to pay your property taxes, the county government will put a tax lien on your property until the balance has been paid. If the debt remains unpaid, the county will eventually auction off the lien to the highest bidder. At this point, you must pay the bearer of the lien the back taxes, plus fees, plus penalties, and plus any interest the tax lien bearer has decided to impose. At this time, if your house is foreclosed on by Bexar county, you lose the right to occupy the property. From there, your redemption period begins. You have anywhere from 12-24 months to pay all of the back taxes along with the penalties and interest. If you do not redeem, you no longer have a right to get your house back.

What Are Your Options in Texas?

There are some options you have when you have back property taxes in Alamo Heights TX or the surrounding area. You can pay them, try and get them lowered, or work with a direct house buyer who is willing to help you out of the hole you are in. Nobody wants to lose their home, especially to a complete stranger at a foreclosure auction. Before your unpaid property taxes get out of hand, do everything possible to resolve the situation.

Pay the TX Back Taxes in Full

You can pay them back with the help of a property tax loan. While this might seem like you are switching one debt with another, having the peace of mind that you won’t lose your home might make it worth it. Keep in mind that you will most likely have fees and penalties added onto your original debt. The entire amount must be paid off in order for the county to remove the lien on your property.

Get Your Alamo Heights Texas Payment Lowered

You can try to reach out to the property appraiser to have your property reassessed to lower the appraised value. Examine your tax bill and the amount you have been assessed. If you feel that they have the information on your home incorrect or that the amount you are being assessed is too high in comparison to other homes in your neighborhood, you might be able to secure a lower assessed value. Getting them lowered isn’t always easy. Make sure you have accurate and up-to-date information about the homes that have recently sold in your area.

Sell My House in Alamo Heights TX

A great way to get away from the burdens and consequences of unpaid property taxes is to work with a buyer who will help you to resolve the lien like us, Alamo Heights TX home buyers. The team at Capstone Homebuyers will help you evaluate your situation and the solutions available to you. Oftentimes, we are able to help you take care of the lien when purchasing the house. This will allow you to sell your house in Alamo Heights TX and walk away unscathed. Property tax problems do not have to mean that you will lose your home. There is a way out!

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