Having Trouble Selling Your House After A Divorce

Having Trouble Selling Your House After A Divorce

We know that life can get pretty tough when you’re going through a divorce, but we want to take the stress off your plate. We buy houses in San Antonio and offer sellers the “Ideal Way” of selling their homes fast during difficult times like selling a house during a divorce or if they need cash right away for any reason whatsoever.

A divorce can be a challenging situation: it’s complicated, it’s expensive, it’s time-consuming, and emotions are running high. And in all that effort you also need to sell your marital home so that you can split the value of any equity in the house and put it all behind you. 

But what if your property doesn’t sell? If you’re going through a divorce and wondering why the house isn’t selling, consider the following possibilities and what to do once you determine the reason the house might not be selling.

First, Consider Why Your House Isn’t Selling

Unfortunately, there are many reasons your house might not sell. Some of the reasons are related to the normal market conditions (and they might be present even if you weren’t going through a divorce). But there might be additional reasons that your house doesn’t sell — for example, maybe you have a complicated divorce or there’s a lot of conflict between each party in the divorce and this makes it too difficult for the buyer to negotiate on the sale of the property.


Delays Can Add To The Problem

If the house is not selling as quickly as you’d like, this just adds to the problem and it ultimately ends up costing you more — in bills and taxes and mortgage payments, as well as in additional attorney fees.


Simply put, you might be hoping to get a high price for your house but your divorce could actually be scaring people away and costing you money.


Work To Streamline The Negotiation Process

Another reason the house might not be selling as quickly as you hoped is that there isn’t one person in charge of the sale. If there are two sellers negotiating the same sale, buyers, realtors, or home investors might be getting different types of feedback depending on who they speak with.


Allowing one person to handle the aspects of the sale could alleviate some of these issues.


Fortunately, even if these quick fixes don’t work right away, there’s another option…


Strategy For Divorce Houses: Sell To A House-Buying Company Prior To Making The Divorce Final

Consider selling the house prior to beginning the divorce proceedings in court. This can alleviate many of the issues that cause problems when selling during the actual divorce process.


Once the courts are involved, things can get more complicated, take much longer, and can grind to a halt. Realtors often have difficulty working through the complexities that can be present during this situation. Working out a quick cash sale to an investor can be a solution that avoids many of the pitfalls of selling the traditional way during a divorce.


Sell To A Reputable Home Buying Company

Here’s an effective strategy for people who are trying to sell their divorce home — instead of listing the house with an agent, sell the house directly to a real estate buying firm like us at Capstone Homebuyers. As Homebuyers in San Antonio, we may not always be able to pay the market price for a property… but many people realize that holding out for a higher price can actually be a costly strategy once you factor in the cost of repairs, the carrying costs while you wait months for an agent to find a buyer, and then the agent’s commission (sometimes thousands of dollars).


If you’re worried that your house won’t sell during a divorce and if you want to sell your house fast, a real estate buying company like Capstone Homebuyers is the fastest and simplest choice to get the property out of the middle of your divorce, give you money for it, and allow you to wrap up this portion of the divorce proceedings.