Do You Have A Vacant House In San Antonio And Aren’t Sure What To Do?


There are many reasons someone may wind up with a vacant house in San Antonio. Things like tenants vacating without notice and leaving costly repairs, to inheriting a house that needs repairs.  Here at Capstone Homebuyers, we have seen just about every scenario that leads to needing to sell a vacant house.

We know first-hand that owning a vacant house in San Antonio can be difficult and frustrating. There are things frequent yard maintenance and general upkeep that can be time consuming, mentally exhausting and or costly.

Then there is the decision about whether or not to leave on the utilities. There is the need to keep up with the often expensive property taxes and insurance.  These are just a few of the issues owners of vacant homes in San Antonio regularly face.  Additionally…

Owning A Vacant House Brings Up Many Stressful Questions


Vacant House In San Antonio
Not Sure About Your Vacant House In San Antonio? We Have The Answers!
Often times, there are no good answers to these questions. Consider the following…

• What if someone breaks in or vandalizes the property?
• How often do you need to check on the property?
• Are squatters making my home their home?
• Am I getting Code Violations from the city of San Antonio?
• Do I need to register my vacant house with the city of san Antonio? (Click here to find out)
• How long will the house be empty before it falls into disrepair?
• It just rained…is the roof leaking?

The list can go on and on…these are always some of our top concerns. This is the worry that can consume the owner of an empty house. This can lead to un needed stress in your life. Trust us, we’ve been there. No matter how many times we get into this situation ourselves, it never gets any easier!

This is where we can come in to help…If you are tired of the stress and worry of that vacant house always in the back of your mind, reach out to us! We are looking for houses that need that little extra TLC after being empty for a time. Heck, even if the house is in perfect condition, we are still interested in purchasing the house from you.

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Did Tenants Leave Your House Vacant And Needing Expensive Repairs?


No one wants to check on their rental property only to find out the tenants have vacated…without notice…and have left costly repairs in their wake. Even worse, you’ve had to evict your tenants and by the time you get inside your house, you realize there are repairs needed that you simply can’t afford to make.

If you find yourself in this situation, first of all, we truly are sorry this has happened. We specialize in buying houses that need repairs and are ready to make a fair offer on a rental that needs repairs. We are always transparent with everyone we deal with. As a truly local San Antonio, family owned business, it pays for us to be straight forward with everyone we deal with.

Don’t Wait!  Call Today.   210-793-4448 to speak with us about your possible options.

Maybe You Inherited A House And Now It Is Sitting Vacant

Inheriting a house can come with many unique challenges. We wrote a blog post with more information at  This information has come from years of experience in dealing with these types of situations.
We understand that there are often times many decision makers. We know that when it comes to inheriting a house that is now vacant can sometimes cause tension between family members. Sometimes there are different ideas about what to do with the house. The house is sentimental and making a decision can be emotional.
We know that selling an inherited house quickly isn’t always right for everyone. At Capstone Homebuyers, we allow you to choose the closing date. There is no pressure to move belongings at the speed of light once we agree to buy your house. You choose the date and we honor our commitment. It truly is that simple with us.

If you would like to discuss your options when it comes to selling an inherited vacant house, please give us a call at 210-793-4448.

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At Capstone Homebuyers, we strive to understand the unique complexities of your specific situation.  We will work hard to tailor our offer to your needs based on your situation.  We come to each appointment with an open mind, ready to listen, and deliver a custom solution to meet your needs.  See what some of our previous clients have said about the services we provide by visiting our testimonials page.  We are know that when you call us, we will exceed your expectations.