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Needing to use the Eviction Process San Antonio due to bad tenants?

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You Have Bad Tenants You Need To Evict.  We’ve Heard All The Horror Stories That Can Follow…

Bad Tenants Can Result in the following issues…plus many more!

  • Cause Excessive Damage to Property
  • Create the Need for Costly Legal Expenses
  • Take Time Going Through Eviction Court
  • Negatively Affect Cash Flow
  • Create Long Vacancies in Rental Properties
  • Cause stress and Unhappiness at Home
  • Leave a Homeowner Facing Costly Repairs
  • Destroy Your Investment
  • Eat Up All of Your Equity in Repairs
  • The List Goes On and On…

We have helped many landlords who need to get rid of bad tenants and are looking into the Eviction Process San Antonio.

Just take a look at our Testimonials to see how we were able to help Steve M. when he had gone through the eviction process San Antonio.  Steve’s house was left in shambles after his tenant destroyed his investment property and quit paying rent.  Steve had to use the eviction process San Antonio to get them out but after legal expenses, months without rent, and the need for over $20,000 in repairs, Steve was left without many options.  We were able to buy Steve’s house at a fair price and relieve him of the headache he had been dealing with for months.  Steve let us know he wished he had called us sooner because then he might not have had to go through so many frustrating months.

Rely on the Experts when it comes to the Eviction Process San Antonio…

We are skilled in dealing with evictions.  We know the rights of landlords and the rights of tenants.  When we buy a property that has tenants needing to be evicted, we alleviate the stress for the homeowner and we take on the burden.  There is no need for a landlord (who may live out of town) to face down unruly tenants, expensive attorneys, and the mess of a house that almost always comes after the eviction process is complete.  Plus, the total cost of going through the eviction process San Antonio can be astronomical when you consider forms, filing fees, court fees, sheriff service fees and the list goes on.  Factor those costs in with the cost of lost rental income and the repairs that are sure to follow, it can add up to tens of thousands of dollars in no time flat.  Speaking of the cost of repairs, we have seen houses that went through the eviction process San Antonio that were vandalized, flooded, paint on wood floors, appliances and copper pipe missing, windows broken, and the list goes on and on.

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Eviction Process San Antonio

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