234. Digging Into The Data: Your Guide To CMAs and Housing Reports in Leon Valley TX

We buy houses in Leon Valley Texas. As professional home buyers in the San Antonio area, we are always here to help you understand and determine a possible asking price for your home. We are happy to guide you through analyzing a comparative market analysis, known as a CMA. We are home buyers in San Antonio Texas and we invite you to reach out to us whenever considering selling your house. We will help you understand the open market value while also giving you a private sale cash offer with zero obligation.

As part of the process, any Realtor or home buyer will be looking at houses that have recently sold in your specific neighborhood. Additionally, they will be looking at houses that are currently for sale in your specific neighborhood. These are some of the most key data points. In order to do this properly, a professional home buyer will need to utilize data only available on the MLS.

Understanding CMAs For Leon Valley and San Antonio Houses

Allow the data to guide your efforts to determine your pricing. Despite how hot the current real estate market is, overpricing a house will cause it to sit on the market for weeks and most likely, months. Allow an objective analysis of the current condition of the house as well. The market is full of buyers who are looking for move-in-ready properties. If your house doesn’t live up to that standard, acknowledge and use that information to guide your pricing efforts.

Making sure we compare apples to apples when determining a property’s value is key. We need to make sure we are comparing houses of a similar size, style, and neighborhood. We can’t deviate from these comparisons or the price estimation can quickly become skewed either too low or too high.

What Factors Determine The Value of A Leon Valley and San Antonio Area Home?

One of the important factors when looking at comparable sales is the actual sold date. We need to make sure we are focusing on properties that have sold recently. Especially in today’s rapidly changing market, even sales from 6-12 months prior can seem slightly dated. How far back in time we look will also depend on the number of similar houses that have sold in your specific neighborhood.

The proximity of houses that have sold is also very important. Ideally, we will only look at houses that have sold from your specific neighborhood. Most of the time this works. However, there are occasions when we have to look outside your specific neighborhood in order to get enough sold data. In these cases, we have to find the closest houses that still are similar in terms of style and size.

Many times when there are lots of comparable sales, we have to leave some out. When this happens, it is likely due to additional factors such as similar condition, similar features, and similar lot size. We typically will use the condition of the house to include or exclude other sales from the area.

Unless you live in a neighborhood where you can’t tell the houses apart, exact comparable sales are quite rare.

How are the comp variable values determined? Considering how rarely duplicate properties are available for comps, it’s important to understand how the values assigned to the differences between the two. 

Maybe the comparable sale property has a two-car garage, while yours has only a one-car garage. In this case, the difference in value would need to be subtracted. What if there is one bedroom less in the comparable sale property than your home? The value for the additional bedroom would need to be added in order to properly determine the market value for your home in Leon Valley.

Assembling All The Data To Determine The Value Of Your Leon Valley House

As you can tell, there are more factors that go into determining the value of a home in Leon Valley than simply averaging the price per square foot of homes and applying that number to your house. Different categories are weighted differently and so much depends on the current condition of your home compared to the ones that have sold.

As real estate professionals, we are experts at digging into the data a CMA provides, we stay on top of current market trends and we are experienced in determining the market value of your home. Many times our cash offer is actually above market value! If the best strategy is for your to list your house for sale and sell the traditional way, we will advise you on that process as well. Our reputation has been built over time by giving people great advice and allowing them to make the decision that works best for their unique situation.

The Easy Way To Sell Your House In Leon Valley TX

If you are thinking of selling your house with a private sale, consider having a professional company like Capstone Homebuyers discuss a market analysis with you. We will also make you an off-market cash offer for your home. You will be able to avoid all closing costs, fees, and commissions while being properly informed about the true value of your home.

We’re happy to guide you through CMAs and other housing reports, with absolutely no commitment! Reach out to us here at Capstone Homebuyers today! (210) 793-4448