The True Cost of Renovations vs. Selling As-Is in San Antonio: A Comparative Analysis

The True Cost of Renovations vs. Selling As-Is in San Antonio: A Comparative Analysis

Thinking of selling your house but it needs some repairs?  Once you’ve lived in a house for several years or maybe you inherited a fixer-upper, whatever the case, if you’ve decided to sell you’re likely asking yourself this question: to renovate or to sell as-is? 


As property values fluctuate and buyer preferences evolve, understanding the true cost implications of renovations versus selling a home in its current state in San Antonio is key. This decision not only affects how much money you can make from the sale but also determines how quickly a property might sell in the current real estate market. 


The choice between investing in home improvements or embracing the “sell as-is” route can impact a homeowner’s financial trajectory and overall selling experience.


This article dives deep into the actual costs of both choices, offering homeowners a roadmap for navigating all of the factors that go into making this decision.

Understanding the Concept of 'Selling As-Is'

understanding selling a house as-is in san antonio

“Selling as-is” is a term that’s become increasingly common among San Antonio homeowners, but what does it really mean? When a homeowner chooses to sell their property “as-is,” they’re offering the property in its current condition, with no intentions of making any repairs or improvements before the sale. This means that what the buyer sees is essentially what they get.


From a legal standpoint, selling a property “as-is” in San Antonio—and, indeed, in many parts of the U.S.—still requires the seller to disclose any known defects or issues with the property.


It’s a protection mechanism for the buyer, ensuring they enter the transaction with eyes wide open, aware of any significant issues that the property might have. It doesn’t mean the seller doesn’t have the responsibility to be honest and upfront.

For the buyer, purchasing an “as-is” property can be both an opportunity and a challenge.  As a result, many buyers will often insist on conducting thorough inspections, even when purchasing an “as-is” property in San Antonio, to gauge the scope of potential repairs and their associated costs.

The Real Cost of Common Home Renovations in San Antonio

When weighing the decision between renovating or selling your home “as-is,” it’s essential to get a clear picture of what potential renovations might cost. San Antonio, like many cities, has specific market nuances that can influence these costs. Let’s delve into the average expenses for some of the most common home renovations:

cost of home renovations in san antonio

Kitchen Remodel

Average Cost: A minor kitchen remodel in San Antonio can range from $10,000 to $15,000. However, a major kitchen overhaul, with high-end appliances, custom cabinetry, and granite or quartz countertops, can skyrocket to anywhere between $50,000 to $70,000 or more.

Timeframe: Typically, a minor kitchen renovation might take 4-6 weeks, while a major remodel can extend to 10-12 weeks or longer.

Bathroom Upgrade

Average Cost: A basic bathroom renovation can start at around $5,000 to $7,000. If you’re considering a complete transformation with luxury fixtures, custom tiling, and maybe even expanding the space, you’re looking at costs upwards of $20,000 to $30,000.


Timeframe: Bathroom upgrades can span from 2 weeks for minor changes to 8-10 weeks for a complete transformation.

Roof Repairs

Average Cost: In San Antonio, roof repairs can vary significantly based on the size of the house and the type of roofing material. On average, homeowners might spend between $5,000 to $10,000 for roof replacements. Simple repairs, such as patching leaks, might cost a few hundred dollars.


Timeframe: Minor roof repairs can be done in a day or two, while a full roof replacement typically takes about a week, weather permitting.

Considering Overruns and Unexpected Expenses:

It’s a well-known fact that renovation projects often encounter unforeseen challenges. These might be hidden issues uncovered during the renovation, like plumbing problems behind walls during a bathroom upgrade, or structural issues when opening up a kitchen space. Such unexpected situations can lead to cost overruns of 10-20%, or even more in extreme cases. 


It’s always wise for homeowners to set aside an additional contingency budget to cover these unforeseen expenses. Not only do these surprises impact the budget, but they can also extend the project’s timeline, causing further inconveniences.

Selling As-Is: The Financial and Time-Saving Benefits

Deciding between selling a house as-is versus making updates and repairs can be tough, and while renovations might seem like a promising way to add value to your property, there’s a growing appeal to the simplicity and straightforwardness of selling a home “as-is.” Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits associated with this approach:

Faster Home-Selling Process:

Speed: Selling “as-is” often translates to a faster sale. Without the need to wait for renovations or repairs, listings can go live sooner, attracting potential buyers looking for homes they can customize according to their preferences.

Simplified Transactions: Direct cash home buyers, such as Capstone Homebuyers, often seek out “as-is” properties, facilitating more straightforward and efficient transactions without the typical hiccups or contingencies that can delay traditional sales.

Avoidance of Upfront Costs:

Immediate Savings: By choosing to sell as-is, homeowners can sidestep the large upfront expenses that come with repairs and renovations. This means no out-of-pocket costs for materials, labor, permits, or any unforeseen expenses that inevitably pop up during renovation projects.

Preserved Home Equity: Every dollar spent on renovations is a dollar taken from the potential equity earned from the property sale. Selling as-is allows homeowners to retain more of their property’s intrinsic value.

Emotional Benefits of a Hassle-Free Selling Process:

Reduced Stress: The home renovation process can be stressful, from managing contractors to living in a construction zone. Selling as-is eliminates these stressors, offering homeowners a more peaceful transition.

Certainty: Knowing that your home will sell in its current condition without the uncertainties of the renovation outcomes (which might not always result in making more money) provides a clear, predictable pathway to closing the sale.

Empowerment in Decision Making: The choice to sell as-is can be empowering for homeowners. It gives them control over the process, allowing them to decide what’s best for their unique circumstances without the pressures of market trends or aesthetic standards.

In essence, selling a home as-is in San Antonio isn’t just about financial prudence. It’s about understanding the value of time, the peace of a straightforward process, and the freedom from renovation hassles. For many, these benefits outweigh the potential gains of a renovated property sale, making “as-is” an attractive option for San Antonio homeowners.

Hidden Costs of Renovating Before Selling

saving money by selling house as-is

Homeowners often start renovation projects with the best of intentions, hoping to increase the market value of their property. However, many fail to recognize the of hidden costs and potential pitfalls that can come with making repairs to a house.


Beyond the clear-cut expenses of materials and labor, let’s discuss some less obvious costs and risks of renovating before selling:

Delays and Their Associated Costs:

Extended Mortgage Payments

Every additional month spent on renovations is another month of mortgage payments. If you plan on clearing your mortgage with the proceeds of the sale, these additional payments can be a significant setback.

Ongoing Property Taxes

Renovation delays can also result in a few extra months of property tax payments. In areas with higher property tax rates like Texas, this can amount to a substantial unplanned expense.

Utility Costs

With contractors working on the house, expect higher utility bills due to the use of electrical tools, lights left on for longer durations, and more.

Stress and Disruptions:

Living Amidst Chaos

Renovations can turn a home into a construction zone, causing disruptions to daily life. The noise, dust, and general upheaval can be a major source of stress, especially if you’re still living on the property.

Coordinating with Contractors

 Managing contractors, ensuring that work is up to standard, and handling any disputes that arise can be mentally taxing and time-consuming.

Unexpected Setbacks

Almost every renovation encounters unexpected issues, from discovering mold behind walls to realizing that certain ordered materials are out of stock. These setbacks can be both frustrating and costly.

Risk of Over-Improving:

Surpassing Neighborhood Standards

 A fully renovated, state-of-the-art kitchen might sound appealing, but if it’s significantly fancier than what’s standard in your neighborhood, you risk not recouping the investment. Buyers often shop in specific neighborhoods based on budget ranges, and an over-improved home might price itself out of its most likely market.

Personal Tastes vs. General Appeal

There’s a danger in making renovations too tailored to personal tastes. What seems like a dream upgrade to one homeowner might be viewed as too eccentric or specific by potential buyers, potentially making the house harder to sell.

Market Dynamics

There’s always a chance that by the time the renovations are complete, market dynamics might have shifted. If you’ve made specific upgrades based on current trends, they might not hold the same appeal several months down the line, especially in fast-changing markets.

In the end, while renovations can indeed add value to a property, it’s crucial for homeowners to be fully aware of the hidden costs and risks. Sometimes, the smarter financial and emotional decision might be to sell as-is, saving time, money, and potential headaches.

The Impact of Market Conditions on Home Values in San Antonio

So far in 2023, San Antonio, like many other Texas cities, is experiencing a relatively balanced market. This means that there is a fairly equal number of buyers and sellers. However, homes in prime conditions tend to sell faster and sometimes even above the asking price, though that is becoming rarer with every day that goes by.


The sharp rise in property values over the last 2-3 years has stopped. Houses are sitting on the market longer than they have since 2020. Because of this, the rise of “selling as-is” has increased and is becoming more common.


For homes in areas with slower sales or for properties with significant repair needs, selling as-is could be a quicker and more hassle-free route. While there’s also a consensus that renovations can yield a higher sales price, they often come with increased selling times, potentially leading to carrying costs like extended mortgage payments and property taxes.

advantages of selling as-is in San Antonio

To Renovate or Sell As-Is Conclusion

The decision between undertaking renovations and selling a property as-is can be a tough one to make in some situations and easier in others. On the one hand, renovations can enhance property value, potentially yielding a higher sales price. On the other, selling as-is offers a quicker, often less stressful path to sale, especially beneficial in a balanced market like San Antonio’s.


Ultimately, homeowners need to assess their personal situation, financial goals, and risk tolerance. Whether you’re leaning towards sprucing up your property or embracing the ease of selling as-is, the most important thing is to make an informed decision that aligns with your unique circumstances. Remember, every house and every situation is different. If you want to see what your house in San Antonio would sell for “as-is”, contact Capstone Homebuyers. We’ll explain our cash offer process in detail and you can make a more informed decision with your house sale.

Sell A Vacant House In San Antonio

Sell Your Vacant House In San Antonio As-Is For Cash

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Would You Like To Sell A Vacant House In San Antonio Without Making Repairs?

Selling A Vacant House As-Is

Vacant houses in San Antonio can be burdensome for the owner. Oftentimes, when a house sits vacant for too long, the house ends up needing repairs. There are many reasons why a house could be sitting vacant for an extended period of time. If you find yourself owning a property that has been vacant, you may want to sell the house as-is rather than making a large number of repairs.


Vacant houses can be the result of tenant eviction, inheriting a house that needs repairs, or even water damage that went unrepaired. Capstone Homebuyers has seen just about every scenario that leads to needing to sell a vacant house as-is without making repairs. We understand the situation can be difficult and frustrating. The worry, constant yard maintenance, and general upkeep can be time-consuming, exhausting, and financially straining.

Sell Your Vacant House Or Keep Maintaining?

Selling a vacant house or trying to keep up with the maintenance is the most difficult decision the owner of a vacant home faces. On one hand, you have the utilities, taxes, and possible mortgage each month. On the other hand, if you sell now as-is, you might not make as much as you would if you completed all the repairs.

If you do decide to sell a house that has been vacant for a longer period of time, you want to make sure you sell to someone who is used to seeing houses that have had extended vacancies. To some people, a house that has been sitting vacant might seem worse than it actually is. At Capstone Homebuyers, we regularly buy vacant houses and we can look past the effects of the long-term vacancy to see the potential of the house.


Vacant Houses And The City Of San Antonio

Vacant houses must be registered with the city of San Antonio if they are in certain areas. Learn more about the program and see if your house is inside one of the registration zones here. Aside from possibly having to register your property with the city, vacant houses draw attention from code enforcement officers. They will quickly have the house secured and lawn mowed at your expense. They normally charge between $330-$500 just to clean an overgrown yard. Don’t let code costly code violations stack up on the property. When you sell to Capstone Homebuyers, you don’t have to pay the code violations ahead of time.

Is Your Vacant House Causing Worry and Concern?

Sell A Vacant House In San Antonio

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How To Sell A House In Need Of Repairs: The Ultimate Guide To Selling A House As-Is

How To Sell A House In Need Of Repairs: The Ultimate Guide To Selling A House As-Is

Selling a house as-is in need of repairs comes with some big-time decisions.  Knowing what repairs to complete, who to hire, making sure the repairs are done correctly, and making sure you will get your money back for the repairs is only the beginning.  First, you must decide if it is even worth it or possible to make all of the repairs to the home.  Houses that need repairs don’t attract many buyers who typically look for move-in-ready properties.  Luckily, we have a breakdown of everything you need to cover to make the right decisions for your situation when selling a house that is in need of repairs. 


Preparing To Sell A House That Needs Repairs: Know What To Expect

To sell a house that is in need of repairs, you must first prepare for what to expect.  Most people will sell a house as-is and avoid the entire process of repairing the home before selling it. However, others may prefer to take on the repairs themselves in order to pad their bottom line. In addition to educating yourself on repairs, you need to completely understand your motivation for having your home ready for sale by knowing what price point you can sell at prior to making repairs.

Before making any repairs, have an honest conversation with yourself about selling a property in less-than-perfect condition and what that actually looks like. The buyers for a property in need of repairs may be local buyers who are paying cash for houses. This can make the sales process fast, easy, and worry-free. Putting a house on the market that is in need of repairs can mean the house sits for a longer period of time due to the condition of the home.

Making the repairs prior to the sale can significantly decrease the time on the market for your house, but it will also cost you money. It could possibly make you money once the dust settles.

Identify the types of repairs needed

To sell a house that is in need of repairs, you must first prepare for what to expect.  Most people will sell a vacant house as-is and avoid the entire process of repairing the home before selling it. However, others may prefer to take on the repairs themselves in order to pad their bottom line. In addition to educating yourself on repairs, you need to completely understand your motivation for having your home ready for sale by knowing what price point you can sell at prior to making repairs.


Before making any repairs, have an honest conversation with yourself about selling a property in less-than-perfect condition and what that actually looks like.


The buyers for a property in need of repairs may be local buyers who are paying cash for houses. This can make the sales process fast, easy, and worry-free. Putting a house on the market that is in need of repairs can mean the house sits for a longer period of time due to the condition of the home.



Minor Repairs

Minor repairs are small fixes that can be done in a day or two with the use of regular household tools. Some examples include:


  • Painting a room or bathroom
  • Replace doorknobs, hinges, door locks, etc.
  • Minor sheetrock or drywall repairs
  • Fix leaky faucets or toilets

These repairs are typically DIY in nature or can be completed by a local handyman.


Major Repairs

Major repairs are large fixes that are more complicated in nature. They take much more time, effort, and expertise to complete the repair(s). Some examples include:


  • Replace an entire heating or air conditioning system
  • Large plumbing issues
  • Adding a new kitchen
  • Making structural changes in the home (adding rooms, or removing walls)
  • Remodeling the bathroom
  • Roof replacement
  • Foundation repair
  • Upgrading the electric system
  • Exterior siding and/or window replacement

These repairs are best left to the professionals and should be delegated to licensed contractors. Renovating the kitchen and bathrooms typically gets you the most bang for your buck and will give you the greatest return on your money. Some repairs like the roof, foundation repairs, and electrical upgrades are required but yield little return on money spent.


Upgrades are things that you may want to consider adding before the sale such as:


  • Updating lighting fixtures and switches
  • Fencing or security system installation
  • Updating Appliances
  • Landscaping

These cosmetic changes can help increase your home’s asking price. It might also make your house stand out from the competition. These upgrades to your house before selling are valuable if the rest of the house is already in move-in-ready condition.


Get Estimates For The Repairs From Profesional Contractors

It is best to hire licensed contractors (for major repairs) or an experienced handyman (for minor repairs). You can get estimates from local professionals in order to estimate the cost of all necessary home repairs.


  • Get recommendations from people in your area who you know or trust.
  • Collect more than one bid. This is an important step you should not skip.
  • Don’t be solely driven by the price of the bid.

Look at the credentials of each contractor. Also, ask about the warranty that comes with the repair work. Many contractors offer a warranty that covers them for a year or more.


Be sure to shop around, comparing the bids with each other and being clear about what they include.


Ask them if they have a list of references from previous customers who were happy with the job they did. Request contact information for those references so you can call them.


Once you have identified a contractor you would like to work with if you complete the repairs, you now have to go through the list of repairs that may or may not be needed so you can come up with an exact scope of work and refine your budget.


Decide On Which Repairs Are Worth The Cost

Some repairs are considered “cosmetic” and are not worth the cost of construction or repair. For example, a door that sticks when you close it may only require the hinge to be tightened. Replacing the door is not needed in this scenario. There are numerous other examples of cosmetic repairs, so really think through what needs to be fixed so your budget doesn’t get out of hand.


According to remodeling in the Texas region, some repairs and updates are truly worth the money you put in while others, well, not so much.


Repair Costs/Values

  • Window Replacement: 59.7% of your costs will be recouped
  • Major Kitchen Remodel: 54.4% of your costs will be recouped
  • Bathroom Remodel: 54.4% of your costs will be recouped
  • Garage Door Replacement: 93.2% of your costs recouped.

Some of those numbers are surprising, to say the least. Make sure you are choosing your repairs and updates wisely in order to get the most out of your remodeling budget.


Is My House Worth Repairing?

Repairing your house can be costly, not to mention time-consuming. Before you get started on any repairs, you want to make sure that the value of your home will increase with the amount of money invested in it.

Factor in items besides just cost. There is the time requirement, the frustrations of a remodeling project as well as the risk that your design or aesthetic isn’t well-received by potential buyers. Taking all these factors into account will help you decide if remodeling or repairing the house is worth the cost and benefit.

Making The Repairs Prior To The Sale

Once you have made the decision to make the repairs to the house prior to selling the house, and you know exactly which repairs you are going to complete, you will want to keep a close eye on the quality of the repairs. If you are going to ask for top dollar for your home, buyers expect to see that quality work was done on the home.


Ensure your colors, design selection, and finish-out materials are in style and have a wide appeal so that you can attract as many potential buyers as possible.


Now is also a good time to consider finding a realtor who will help you list your house for sale.


Clearing Clutter Before Selling

When selling a home that has already been completely repaired and is move-in-ready, you will want to remove as many personal belongings as possible.


The less clutter, the bigger the impact. Homebuyers want to visualize themselves living in the home they are purchasing.


Although this may be difficult for some homeowners to do, you should remove as many personal items as possible before putting your house on the market.


Make A List Of Items To Sell Or Donate

Before you start packing, make a list of any items that need to be sold or donated. You may want to do this with your spouse so both parties will know what needs to be done and how long it will take. Garage sales can be helpful but time-consuming. Donating to the Salvation Army or Goodwill is also easy and helpful.


Rent A Storage Unit

If you have items that are large or you do not want to part with, consider renting a storage unit.


Once your house is sold, transport the items from the storage container to your new home.


This may be an extra charge for moving companies but having at least some of your personal belongings will be worth it in the end.


Hire A Staging Company

This might be an option if your budget allows it.


The goal of this option is to make your home look like a model showroom. However, this option can cost several thousands of dollars depending on the level of staging.


If You Decide Not To Make The Repairs…


Sell The House As-Is Without Making Repairs

You have decided you need to sell your house without making repairs. You may be wondering who will buy a house that is in disrepair, and how much less will it sell for. You might not even be sure if there are buyers out there willing to purchase a home that isn’t move-in ready. We will answer all questions related to how to sell your house as-is.

Can You Sell A House Without Fixing It Up?

It is possible to sell a home without making repairs. The house might not be in the best shape, but it will likely close escrow with enough buyers interested in purchasing it. For houses in need of substantial repair, you could be looking at contacting a local company that pays cash for houses.


Sell House Cash Buyer

What Is The Fastest Way To Sell A House That Needs Repairs?

When people are finally ready to get out of their house, they are usually in a hurry to make the sale happen. For homeowners who are trying to get rid of an old home but don’t have much money for repairs, the fastest way to sell a house is to contact a company that will buy your house as-is. These companies are more reliable than individual investors and they have the ability to close on your timeline so it can happen quickly.

How Much Do You Lose Selling A House As-Is?

If you own a house in need of repairs, the key question is how much money will you lose by selling it as-is?


The easy answer to this common question is that there are three things that make up your bottom line when selling a house: the sales price, closing costs (fees), and commissions.


#1. Sales Price – When you sell as-is to a home buying company, conventional wisdom says you will sell at a discount. However, this isn’t always the case. Depending on the repairs needed on the home, you might actually get more than market value for the as-is condition.


#2. Closing Costs or Fees – typically closing costs can be anywhere from 1.5-6% depending on the type of transaction you have. Depending on your sales price this can be a significant hit. Most people who buy houses professionally are willing to pay your closing costs as a part of the transaction.


#3. Commissions – When you are selling without making repairs, you have the opportunity to skip using a realtor. When you sell your house on your own, you can save a typical 6% on commissions. For a house selling for $200,000 that is a whopping $12,000!


So if your home needs repairs and you want to sell without making any of the needed repairs, you might actually walk away with an equally good deal.


Considering that according to remodel and the figures listed above you actually are unlikely to recoup all of the money spent remodeling your house yourself, you might actually come out ahead.


Finding A Cash House Buyer To Sell The House As-Is

Sell House As-Is For Cash

If you decide to sell your house to a company that buys houses, there are some best practices you can implement so that you have the best experience selling your house. Not all-cash buyers are the same and you want to make sure you work with the best buyer for your local area.


Follow these important steps when beginning to research who buys houses that need repairs in your area.

Get A Referral For A Homebuyer

The single most important thing you can do is get a referral. That’s because your referrals are the best source of information for which cash house buyer is best suited to buy your property in the condition it’s in. If you don’t know anyone who has worked with a cash home buyer, use Google, Yelp, or the BBB to find a reputable company that takes us to our next step..


Check Reviews For A Homebuying Company

Once you have a company in mind, check out their reviews. Google them and see what other people are saying about the company. Also, read through any online reviews such as Yelp or BBB to get an overall feel for how they handle customers.


Deal With A Reputable & Reliable Company That Is Local

When working with a company that buys houses, make sure to deal locally. Yes, there are companies that buy homes nationally but you don’t want to sell your house to someone who is hundreds of miles away because there could be complications later on in the process. Plus, do you really want to sell your home to a computer algorithm?

For more tips on how to find the best possible company to buy your house, we wrote an in-depth article on how to find the right cash buyer that covers all the steps.

Sell Your House As-Is For Cash And Move On Without Making Repairs

Selling a house doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive.


The process of selling a home may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. We buy houses in their as-is condition at no cost to you. Our quick and easy process allows you to sell your house fast without any hassle or repairs.


If you’re looking for an easier way to get cash for your home, we can help! Since 2011, Capstone Homebuyers has been buying homes from owners just like you who want the most convenient option available when they need money fast. With our “No Hassle” approach, there are no fees or commissions charged by us; instead, we make offers based on the value of your property in its current state (as-is). Once you accept we close on your timeline at a price that’s guaranteed not to change! You don’t even pay closing costs when working with us!

How To Sell Your House As-Is Even If It Needs Repairs

How To Sell Your House As-Is Even If It Needs Repairs

Selling your house as-is should be the goal for every homeowner thinking of selling their house. However, most buyers request that repairs be made after an inspection. Selling your house as-is when it is in need of repairs can be even more challenging because the repairs needed are obvious to anyone who sees the house.


If your house needs work and you want to sell as-is, we will cover how to sell your house even if it is in need of repairs. Follow these tips to get the most money for your house while selling your house fast.


What Does It Mean To Sell A House As-Is?

Selling your house as-is means you as the seller won’t be making any changes or alterations to the house at the request of the buyer. You are selling the house in its’ current state and the buyer is purchasing the property with the expectation that they will need to make changes or repairs. It’s important to be upfront about any damage or repair needs so there aren’t any surprises after the sale.


Typically, a buyer will have an inspection that will uncover hidden issues with the house that might not be obvious to the average home buyer. If you are truly selling as-is, this inspection won’t trigger a re-negotiation.


Why Would A Homeowner Want To Sell A House That Needs Repairs?

The most common reason homeowners want to sell as-is is because they don’t want to spend the money on repairs or deal with contractors. While conventional wisdom says if you fix your house up before selling you make more money, that isn’t always the case. Also, it takes a lot of financial resources to really fix up a house to the point where it no longer needs repairs.


Another common reason for wanting to sell as-is is time. If you need to sell fast, making repairs will only slow down the process. Selling as-is can help you unload the property quickly so you can move on with your life especially if you are relocating and need to move quickly.


Could You Lose Money Selling A House As-is?

Theoretically, yes you could lose money selling a house as-is. If you spend $20,000 remodeling a kitchen, you are supposed to be able to get $25,000 back. But what if you have budget overages, have to fire a contractor, or can’t finish the repairs? Plus, it does no good to fix up one aspect of a house and leave the rest dated or still in need of work.


So while some might say you could lose money selling a house as-is that really isn’t accurate. You really lose the opportunity to TRY to make more money by making an investment. At the end of the day, when you make repairs to a house you know you are going to sell, you are investing in the house and hoping you get a return on your investment. Most homeowners don’t want to be real estate investors and speculate on what repairs they should do vs what repairs they should ignore.


So the truth is, you don’t lose money by selling a house as-is. In fact, at Capstone Homebuyers, we typically offer a fair market value for the home once you factor in the repairs that need to be made.


How To Sell A House That Needs Repairs As-Is

If you ultimately decide that selling your house as-is makes the most sense for you and your unique situation then you can take some of these tips into consideration. Some are absolute musts like not purposefully hiding any flaws and some are optional like advertising the house or listing the house with a realtor. Most people decide to do straight to the source and sell their house as-is to a cash house buyer like Capstone homebuyers.


Fix What You Can in the House

While this contradicts the whole point of selling your house as-is, if there are small repairs you can do to the house that won’t take much time or money, it could be worth it. Something like fixing a hole in the wall, re-caulking the tub, or replacing missing tiles will only cost you a few hundred dollars but could help increase your offers.


These types of repairs make a big first impression and show that you have taken care of the house even though you are selling as-is.



Highlight The Positives About The House

When you are selling your house as-is, it’s important to focus on the positive aspects of the property. This means if there is a great view, good schools in the area, or other amenities, make sure to include that information. You want to make the house sound as appealing as possible to potential buyers so they are aware of the benefits of the house that go beyond just the condition of the actual property itself.


Don't Try To Hide Anything

One of the worst things you can do when selling your house as-is is trying to hide any damage or repairs that need to be made. This will only come back to bite you later on down the road. Be upfront and honest with potential buyers about the condition of the property. If there are any known issues, make potential buyers aware. Not doing so can open you up to liability down the road.  Especially if it is something major like a foundation that needs repairs.


Hoarder House? Get Rid of as Much as You Can

If you are selling a house that has been turned into a hoarder’s paradise, the first step is to get rid of as much stuff as you can. This will make the house appear larger and more appealing to potential buyers. It will also make any necessary repairs easier and less expensive to fix.


Attempt to List the Property As-Is With A Realtor

While this isn’t always possible, some realtors are willing to list a property as-is. This means they won’t require you to make any repairs before listing the property. If you decide to go this route, be sure to interview a few different realtors to see if they are willing and able to sell the house as-is. You also will have to make it clear that there can be no inspection-based re-negotiations because inspection re-negotiations are considered to be common with realtors.


Advertise The House As An Investment Property

Many times, people are more willing to buy a house that needs repairs if they know they can rent it out or fix it up and sell it for a profit. By advertising the house as an investment property, you may be able to attract more buyers who are interested in taking on a project.


Sell To A Professional Home Buying Company

One of the best ways to sell your house as-is is to sell it to a professional home-buying company. These companies buy houses in any condition and can often close on the sale much faster than selling through a realtor. This is a great option if you need to sell quickly or don’t want to deal with repairs or cleaning. Make sure you check the reviews of home-buyers and choose who you work with carefully by taking a look at this guide on the best cash house buyers in San Antonio.


Selling Your House That Needs Repairs To Capstone Homebuyers

If you need to sell your house that needs repairs, we can help. We are professional home-buyers in San Antonio who buy houses in any condition. We can close on the sale quickly and will take care of all the repairs and cleaning for you.


Capstone Homebuyers is the premier “we buy houses” company in San Antonio, Texas. When you choose to sell your house to Capstone Homebuyers, you can know you are working with a local, family-owned company that is based on guiding principles that set us apart.


For great customer service and a great selling experience, sell to Capstone Homebuyers. Give us a call or fill out our online form to get started.

We Buy Houses As-Is For Cash: Tips On Selling A House That Needs Repairs

We Buy Houses As-Is For Cash: Tips On Selling A House That Needs Repairs

Selling a house as-is for cash can be very beneficial for the right homeowner. The benefits of selling as-is when your house is in need of repairs can certainly be attractive. If selling a house as-is seems to be the right way for you to sell, keep reading to find out some tips on selling your house that is in need of repairs.

Why Sell A House That Needs Repairs?

If you own a house that needs repairs, it can be tough to keep up with the maintenance and costs associated with fixing it. Deferred maintenance issues can add up quickly and sometimes selling a house that needs repairs is the most viable and realistic option for a homeowner.


You Want to Sell Fast Instead of Waiting for Repairs

Selling a house as-is for cash can be attractive to many homeowners because it enables them to sell their home quickly. If you need to sell your house fast, then selling as-is may be the best option. Selling as-is also means that you don’t need to wait for repairs to be made before putting the house on the market and waiting for a qualified buyer.


You Don't Have to Deal With Contractors

Another reason selling as-is can be attractive is that you don’t need to deal with contractors. If you’re not interested in dealing with the hassle of finding and managing contractors or deciding on which repairs are actually worth spending money on, then selling your house as-is may be the best option for you.


Once Repairs Are Made, You Have to Wait For a Retail Buyer

Selling a house as-is for cash is often the best option for homeowners who need to sell fast and don’t want to wait for repairs to be completed. Once you’ve made the repairs, you’ll then have to wait for a retail buyer who is willing to pay the full market value of your home. This alone can be quite a process, not to mention waiting for the bank loan process once your house actually goes under contract.


Harder To Determine Pricing After Repairs

Once you’ve made repairs to your house, it can be difficult to price your home accurately. You don’t want to overprice and scare away potential buyers but you also don’t want to underprice and lose out on money that you could have made from the sale. It’s often difficult to find that perfect pricing sweet spot. This is especially true if you were able to make some repairs but not all or if some of the repairs you made were DIY instead of professionally contracted out.


Selling To An As-Is House Buyer

To understand what an as-is house buyer really is, it’s important to understand what it means to sell your house as-is. When a property is sold as-is, it means that the seller is selling the home in its current condition, without making any repairs or improvements. The buyer can assess the current condition of the house but must buy the house without requesting the current owner to make any repairs.


Selling As-Is Tip #1:

Make sure you disclose what you know about the home to a potential buyer. Selling a house as-is doesn’t mean that you can hide information about the property from potential buyers. The goal is to be as upfront and transparent as possible about the condition of your house. You’ll still need to complete any required paperwork and disclosure forms truthfully. This will help avoid any legal issues down the road.


Selling Without Making Repairs Tip #2:

Selling to a professional home buyer can make the process even more simple. A professional home buying company will make you an offer on your house as-is and can close on the sale quickly, often within a week or two. Additionally, they will handle all the sales paperwork and make sure the sale is handled by a reputable title company that is locally operated.


As-Is House Sale Tip #3:

You shouldn’t have to pay closing costs. Most home buying companies offer this as a benefit to working with them.  Closing costs are sneaky fees typically charged by the title company that you may not be aware of at the time you agree on the price to sell your house.  


When a buyer agrees to pay your closing costs, it can take away some of the mystery.  This can wind up saving you thousands of dollars and simplify the transaction because you won’t have any guesswork about your final numbers.  


Selling On Your Own Tip #4:

Take the time to know the value of the house in its “As-Is” condition. You can use online tools to get a sense of your home’s worth but take these values with a grain of salt. They are usually estimated values based on if the house is in great shape. However, doing this can help you understand what to expect when selling on your own without making repairs.


Selling A House In Poor Condition Tip #5

Research the cash buyer you work with and check their reviews. There are plenty of reputable home buying companies out there but unfortunately, there are also some that are not as reputable. It’s important to do your due diligence and work with a company that you trust.


Sell Your House As-Is Tip #6

Get more than one offer. When you work with a home buying company, they will likely make you a fair all-cash offer for your house. However, it’s always a good idea to get more than one offer to ensure you’re getting the best possible price for your property and to make sure you get a good feeling from the buyer you choose to work with.


Selling Your House As-Is For Cash: The Bottom Line

Selling a house as-is for cash can be a great option if you need to sell quickly and don’t have the time or money to make repairs. Keep in mind that when selling as-is, it’s important to be upfront and honest about the current condition of your home. If you have any questions about selling your house as-is or would like to learn more about working with a professional home buyer, please contact us today! We would be happy to chat with you about your specific situation and help you figure out the best option for selling your house.