216. 4 Things You Should Be Aware Of When Selling Via Rent To Own in Olmos Park TX

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We buy houses in Olmos Park Texas. We know that selling via rent to own can be an excellent option that many Olmos Park homeowners fail to consider. As homebuyers in Texas, we have listed down some of the benefits you will receive and how the process works in our latest post!

Rent to own agreement can be an excellent way for TX homeowners to sell their property fast. Though you may not be able to get cash for houses in Olmos Park TX right away, the financial benefits are very rewarding as is the security of a regular income from the property. That said, there are some things a seller should be aware of when using a rent to own agreement to sell a home in Texas. Keep reading to learn what they are and how you can create a rent to own agreement that will protect your best interest while helping you to sell your house fast in Olmos Park TX!

Handling Default in Olmos Park

While the odds of your potential buyers defaulting on the agreement is relatively low, you’ll need to know what to do if it happens. Until your potential buyer is able to get a traditional loan and pay off their debt to you, the property will still be in your name. Much like a bank, if your tenant isn’t paying, is causing damage to the house, or is somehow defying the agreement set in place, they are running the risk of foreclosure, while you will be able to retain full ownership, holding on to the down payment.

Creating A Legal TX Contract

Rent to own agreementCreating A Legal Contract in Olmos Park TX should be very comprehensive to protect both the buyer and the seller. It should contain clauses highlighting who is responsible for what, important dates, and penalties for violation of the agreement. You don’t want to leave room for any discrepancy or disagreement between you and your potential buyer. To ensure your agreement is legally binding, reach out to a local real estate attorney or call Capstone Homebuyers to help you facilitate the rent to own process.

Finding The Right Tenants in Olmos Park Texas

Using a rent to own agreement opens up a whole new world of potential Texas home buyers. People who couldn’t quite qualify for traditional funding due to a low credit score or lack of down payment may be able to meet the qualifications set forth in your agreement. There are many great buyers out there who are being held back due to a blemish on their credit report. The key is to find the buyers of genuine character who will follow through on their obligation to you. Once the right tenants are found, you will create a win-win situation for all parties involved. Keep in mind that there is a reason traditional banks had denied them in the past, so be sure to do your homework on your potential buyer before entering into an agreement.

Being Back Where You Started in Texas

Cash for houses in Olmos Park TXWhile it may not happen often, you do run the risk of your tenant being unable to buy at the end of the lease term. This means you will still be the owner and can either try to list at this point or enter into another rent to own agreement. While this may seem frustrating, you can actually come out ahead from a financial standpoint. Sure you didn’t sell the house, but you were able to collect a higher than average rent plus a non-refundable down payment for your troubles. Who knows, the market may rise dramatically during this time and you may be able to sell for even more than you would have before the agreement!

Sell My House In Olmos Park Texas

When you sell your house in Olmos Park TX via rent to own can be very beneficial to homeowners looking for a way to quickly make money off of a property they own. Our team can help you understand the risks and the reward so you can make the selling decision that is right for you! Just click the link below to get started.

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