4 Disadvantages of Selling a House During the Holiday Season

If you want to sell your house but you’re in the middle of the holiday season, you might be wondering if you should sell or if you even can sell. That’s a reasonable question and, truthfully, it makes perfect sense to ask.  In this blog post, we’re sharing 4 disadvantages of selling a house during the holiday season, which applies to sellers anywhere in the greater San Antonio and surrounding areas…

Many theories get talked about regarding when the best time to sell your house is.  In many cases in and around the San Antonio area, spring is best, summer and fall are second best, and winter is just, well, okay… with the holiday season definitely having the potential to be the most difficult time to sell.

4 Disadvantages Of Selling A House During The Holiday Season

#1. We Buy Any House San AntonioSelling during the holidays can disrup your holiday plans

The holidays are often times when you might have your extended family over for dinner, or maybe a nice quiet evening in with your family, drinking hot chocolate and watching a classic Christmas movie on TV. But if a buyer wants to look at your home, what choice do you have but to pack everything up and leave while the agent shows your house.

Sell Any House During The Holidays

#2. Selling during the holidays can be risky

Having those presents around the tree  looks great!…Especially to burglars.  Throwing that “For Sale” sign in the yard can sometimes attract those with ill intentions.  Having all those presents in the house can add temptation to those burglars.  (Here are some helpful tips on preventing holiday break-ins)

Get Cash for Your House During The Holidays!

#3. Selling during the holidays can be cold on your house but hot on your wallet

When buyers walk through your house, the last thing they are thinking about is your heating bill – so they go inside and outside, leaving the doors open, even opening up the windows… and you pay for all the extra gas or electricity. Unfortunately, there just isn’t much you can do about it!



#4. Selling during the holidays could mean delays

You want to sell, and you likely prefer to sell quickly.  But potential buyers are on their timetable.  In other words, they may expect you to alter your plans for holiday dinners, but they might not make a decision over Christmas.   And even if they do,  holiday work schedules mean that they may not be able to get financing from their bank if their bank shuts down several days between December 24 and January 1.  Also, things slow down at title companies, appraisers, inspectors and all the other services the buyer will be looking to use.


These are just 4 disadvantages of selling a house during the holiday season… but there are many more.  You CAN sell your house during the holiday season but it’s just not very convenient or fast.  Check out this blog post for more info on selling during the holidays or…Capstone Homebuyers may have a better way.

Fortunately, there’s another way to sell and that’s how we can help…

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